[Corporate Mission]Promote the national brand and carbon industry.

[Business philosophy] honesty, cooperation and win-win situation.

[Corporate Vision] Material science and technology leads the development of industry, and industrial powers cast Chinese dreams.

[Team concept] Be honest, be practical, help each other, and work together.

[Quality Management] The company has a world-class CNC machining center, advanced technology, and a complete quality inspection method. From the raw material to the finished product can be monitored throughout, forming a complete, scientific quality management system, the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The production, sales and logistics of the product are recorded and tracked, ensuring the safety of each product delivered to the customer. Prosperous graphite is committed to shaping the “spirit of a great country’s craftsmen,” adding variety, quality and brands. Depending on the quality of the company's life, adhering to the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, focusing on the carbon graphite industry, helping the dream of industrial power.